Another State Cancels Contract with Shady PPE Company Founded by Former Daines Aide

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Friday, May 15, 2020

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Another State Cancels Contract with Shady PPE Company Founded by Former Daines Aide

When Will Daines Break Silence On His Role in Former Aide’s Pandemic Profiteering? 

Helena, MT – Today, Florida became the latest state to cancel a PPE deal with Blue Flame Medical LLC, the sham pandemic profiteering company founded by Mike Gula, a former aide to Senator Steve Daines. Several states have axed their deals with Blue Flame after the company failed to deliver on orders for medical supplies that are in short supply across the country. The House Energy and Commerce Committee and Justice Department have launched investigations into the company. 
Gula created Blue Flame to “capitalize on the coronavirus response” usinglarge networksandrelationshipsto obtain equipment like testing materials and PPE that are desperately needed to address the coronavirus. 

Daines has paid Gula nearly $500,000 since 2018, including almost $50,000 in February, but has refused to answer questions about his relationship with Gula or whether he helped leverage his standing asChina’s ambassador in Congressto assist Blue Flame in partnering with a subsidiary of a Chinese government-owned company.

“As investigations mount and more states cancel deals with Blue Flame, Steve Daines continues his deafening silence on the level of involvement with his former aide’s profiteering scheme, and whether he was one of the ‘relationships’ Gula leveraged to acquire scarce PPE to sell for profit,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Montanans deserve to know the extent of Daines’ involvement in this scam.” 


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