Another Day Without COVID Relief — Where is Dishonest Daines? 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Another Day Without COVID Relief — Where is Dishonest Daines? 

Helena, MT – Yet another day has gone by and the Senate still hasn’t passed desperately-needed pandemic relief. Where is Senator Steve Daines? He packed his bags and left Washington, D.C. despite making no progress on essential legislation to address Montana’s critical needs, including funding for state and local governments, and an extension of emergency unemployment benefits.  

Instead, Daines is focused on scoring self-serving political wins – trying to take a victory lap around the Great American Outdoors Act, the election-year gift granted by Mitch McConnell, as he attempts to paper over his abysmal public lands record now that his Senate seat is on the line. 

“With no deal in sight for additional pandemic relief, Steve Daines should be in Washington, D.C. doing his job and fighting for the priorities of hard-working Montanans,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “But Daines is too busy trying to rescue his flailing reelection campaign. Montanans deserve better.”


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