On Anniversary of Body Slam, Montana Democratic Party Requests Ethics Investigation into Rep. Greg Gianforte’s Conduct


Helena—Today, the Montana Democratic Party filed complaints with the House Committee on Ethics and the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation into whether Rep. Greg Gianforte’s unlawful behavior and repeated dishonesty has violated the House Committee on Ethics Rules and the House Code of Official Conduct, which require members of Congress to “behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.”

A year ago today, Greg Gianforte assaulted Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs for asking a question about his position on health care. Gianforte then put out a false statement from his campaign alleging that Jacobs had initiated the incident, and also made false statements to police during their investigation. When these false statements became public, Gianforte then used his official Congressional staff to falsely deny he “misled” investigators.

Rep. Gianforte’s actions and repeated dishonesty to the public and law enforcement violate House Ethics Rules by “failing to reflect creditably on the House.”

“For a year, Greg Gianforte has been dishonest with Montanans, the police, and the country, refusing to explain or take responsibility for his repeated lies,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Montanans deserve a Representative who tells the truth and who understands that, in Montana, your word is your bond. Greg Gianforte’s dishonesty has demonstrated he is not the leader Montanans need, and his conduct should be investigated.”

In addition to the actions and falsehoods outlined in the complaint, Greg Gianforte has repeatedly refused to explain his false statements, broken his courtroom promise to Jacobs to sit for an interview, and left a 30 minute meeting with the Committee to Protect Journalists after only 7 minutes.

Links to the complaint can be found here and here.


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