Ahead of Tomorrow’s Debate: 6 Times Daines Took Credit For Things He Had Nothing to Do With

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Friday, October 9, 2020

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Ahead of Tomorrow’s Debate: 6 Times Daines Took Credit For Things He Had Nothing to Do With

Helena, MT – Tomorrow, Governor Steve Bullock will take on Senator Steve Daines in their final debate before election day. Daines will surely try to rewrite his record on a slew of issues in a desperate scramble to save his political career. Throughout his time in the Congress, Daines has developed an “appalling” habit of saying one thing to Montanans, while doing another in Washington D.C – but he’s not getting away with it. 

Ahead of tomorrow’s debate, here are six times Daines took credit for things he had nothing to do with: 

1. Butte Veterans Home: In 2018, Daines voted against funding for the Southwest Veterans Home in Butte – but he was quick to show up for a photo-op at the facility’s groundbreaking. Veterans have slammed Daines for his blatant hypocrisy: “He hasn’t backed many veterans issues. But then of course, when it came time to break ground he was the first to run up there and get his picture taken as if he did.”

2. Emergency Unemployment Benefits: When the pandemic first hit the country, Daines voted to cap emergency unemployment insurance, but after Democrats succeeded in expanding the benefits, he was repeatedly caught dishonestly bragging about the policy he had opposed. 

3. Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act: Daines withheld his support for the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act for over a year despite broad public support, only jumping on the bandwagon once it became clear it would pass with or without his backing. Members of the Yellowstone Gateway Business Coalition called out Daines’ campaign for running an ad claiming credit for the legislation, saying it “didn’t pass because of Steve Daines; it passed in spite of him.

4. Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act: Daines withheld his support for this key public lands proposal “until it was virtually certain to become law.” Yet, Daines attempted to take credit for this legislation despite it being “almost entirely the work of others.” 

5. WHIP+ FundingDaines voted against a bipartisan expansion of the WHIP+ program to provide relief for farmers hit by extreme weather – then took a victory lap on the very funding he voted against.

6. Wildfires: Daines voted against allowing fighting catastrophic wildfires to be funded like natural disasters, calling the bill that included the fiscal disaster that will take us deeper into debt and threaten our economy.” After the bill passed, Daines bragged about securing the very funding fix he voted against. 


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