A Piggy Bank – Is there GianforTAX on that?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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A Piggy Bank – Is there GianforTAX on that?
Saving up some nickels and dimes? How much would the GianforTAX cost frugal Montanans?
Helena, MT – A piggy bank costs $14.99. Is there GianforTAX on that?


Greg GianforTAX has called a statewide sales tax an “ideal solution” for Montana. He even testified on behalf of a plan to implement one in Montana, which would have also conveniently slashed income taxes on millionaires like himself. Despite Gianforte’s outrageous claim to have “never advocated for a sales tax,” Gianforte’s own testimony reveals the truth. After all, Greg Gianforte believes that “the fairest tax is the one you pay, and I don’t.”

Greg Gianforte continues to shell out millions of dollars to self-fund his campaign. Greg Gianforte has now spent more than 66x the yearly median household income in Montana – or $3.5 million – running for governor of Montana. In other words, Greg Gianforte has spent more money trying to buy the governor’s mansion than the average Montana family earns over 66 years.

“Even though you’re trying to save some dough, with Governor GianforTAX, you’ll still be expected to shell out a little extra cash,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Yep, there’s even a GianforTAX on your piggy bank!”


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