A 7th Grade Science Textbook – Is there GianforTAX on that?

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Monday, September 21, 2020

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A 7th Grade Science Textbook – Is there GianforTAX on that?
Studying up on some basic biology? How much would the GianforTAX cost Montanans who believe in science?

Helena, MT – A 7th grade biology textbook costs $218.66. Is there GianforTAX on that?


Greg GianforTAX has called a statewide sales tax an ideal solution” for Montana. He even testified on behalf of a plan to implement one in Montana, which would have also conveniently slashed income taxes on millionaires like himself. Despite Gianforte’s outrageous claim to have “never advocated for a sales tax,” Gianforte’s own testimony reveals the truth. After all, Greg Gianforte believes that “the fairest tax is the one you pay, and I don’t.”

This weekend, HuffPost published a deep dive into Greg Gianforte’s alarming denial of basic scientific principles. According to HuffPostGreg Gianforte has bankrolled a museum that rejects evolution and claims the world is 6,000 years old, dismisses the scientific consensus that humans are the primary drivers of climate change, promotes herd immunity as a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, and supports the campaigns of at least two anti-vaccine candidates for the Montana legislature.

“Greg Gianforte might not believe in science, but he’s still going to make you pay for it,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Montanans looking to brush up on their understanding of basic biology should expect that to come with some extra GianforTAX.”


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