9 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Doesn’t Show Up For Montanans


Helena – Just days after telling reporters, “You’ll see me in Whitefish” for the first U.S. Senate debate of the general election, Matt Rosendale went back on his word and bailed on the debate.

That’s not the first time Rosendale has failed to show up for Montanans. This summer, Rosendale refused to hold public hearings during the rate review period. Instead, he flew to the East Coast to fundraise for his campaign – then rubber-stamped every rate hike insurance companies asked for.

Rosendale’s public schedule shows he hasn’t done a whole lot of work as insurance commissioner — other than rubber-stamp double digit rate hikes — with many days on his schedule just having lunch.

And during the work week, Rosendale has been a frequent flier to the East Coast, skipping out on his job to fundraise for his campaign.

It doesn’t seem like Rosendale enjoys spending much time representing Montanans. He does like jetting across the country to meet with out-of-state insurance executives, DC lobbyists, and wealthy East Coast donors. Guess Rosendale doesn’t have a problem showing up for himself.


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