8 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Pocketed Contributions From Insurance Execs, Pushed Plans Like Theirs That Don’t Have To Cover Pre-Existing Conditions


Helena – During Matt Rosendale’s tenure as insurance commissioner, out-of-state short-term insurance company executives gave his campaign more than $16,000.

Rosendale’s campaign then took that money, and paid Rosendale back for a personal loan he made to his campaign. After Rosendale pocketed that cash, he became a “big booster” of short-term plans — which aren’t required to cover pre-existing conditions — and pushed to expand them.

Because of Rosendale’s ardent support for the shoddy plans, a Montana reporter asked Rosendale if he would buy a short-term insurance policy for his family. But he refused to answer the question, despite pushing to expand them for Montanans.

The short-term plans Rosendale is pushing on Montana families, but won’t commit to purchasing for his own family, leave Montanans with pre-existing conditions unprotected and together with the partisan tax law is projected to increase premiums for Montanans by more than $1,300 next year.


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