6 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Dropped Charges Against Top Campaign Donors


Helena – Just days after taking office as state auditor, Matt Rosendale met with the head of a company whose executives had funneled $13,000 to his campaign for auditor. One day following a second meeting with reps for the donors, Rosendale dropped long-standing charges and fines against the company.

A government ethics watchdog said it was noteworthy Rosendale would set up a meeting mere days after entering office with representatives of some of his top campaign donors — who maxed out to his campaign and had never contributed to any Montana statewide candidate before.

He called the appearance “terrible” because it looked like Rosendale decided to drop the charges because they “gave his campaign a bunch of money.”

And the former state auditor whose office brought the charges criticized Rosendale for failing to hold a company “extorting” Montana consumers and breaking the law accountable.

Instead of protecting Montana consumers — his literal job — Rosendale chose to protect his campaign donors, showing exactly who he’ll put first: himself.


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