4 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Has Refused To Disavow His Party’s Platform Plank to Transfer Public Lands


Helena – So far, Matt Rosendale has yet to disavow the Montana Republican Party’s platform, which calls for the transfer of federal public lands.

Only recently has Rosendale claimed to oppose the transfer of federal public lands – which, as the Montana Standard put it, seems a lot like his pollsters told him what to say publicly.

And now he’s bringing in Sen. Mike Lee to campaign for him. If you don’t know, Mike Lee is a walking billboard for transferring our federal public lands.

If Rosendale actually supported our public lands, he would have spoken out against his own party’s anti-public lands position, and he sure as heck wouldn’t be bringing a public lands salesman like Lee to Montana.

It raises the question of whether the East Coast developer had a change of heart at all.

The reality is that Rosendale pushed repeatedly for the transfer of public lands in his failed 2014 Congressional campaign and supported measures that could make it easier to sell off our public lands.

It’s time for Rosendale to stop misleading Montanans about his public lands record and either disavow his party’s platform of transferring public lands or admit that he still supports the transfer of public lands just as much as he always has.


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