Rosendale Keeps Telling People He Is A Rancher

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Montana, February 1, 2021



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Rosendale Keeps Telling People He Is A Rancher

City Slicker Rosendale Keeps Faking Being a Rancher


Helena MT –  Fake rancher and real east coast real estate developer Rep. Matt Rosendale has misled DC insiders by indicating he is a “farmer that owns cows.” In a tweet from the US House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee, Rosendale is described as having “a working ranch in Eastern Montana where he discovered herding cattle was easier than herding legislators.”


Since 2013 Rosendale has claimed to be a Montana rancher and was famously outed in this ad


Matt Rosendale is an east coast real estate developer that has no experience being a rancher and leases his property to real ranchers who use the land to make their living. Rosendale owns no cattle. The last time the property was owned by a rancher was before he bought it in 2002. In October of 2020, Rosendale put his real estate holding up for sale for $8.5 million although finding a buyer for a non-working ranch seems to have stalled.  


“In Montana, we respect people that tell the truth and don’t try to be something they’re not,” said Sandi Luckey, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Rep. Rosendale has never had to manage his family budget by the price of beef on the hoof. Shame on him for claiming he’s owed the honor of being called a Montana rancher.”



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