Republicans Vote To Restrict Freedom Of Working People

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021



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Republicans Vote To Restrict Freedom Of Working People

Republicans Put Big Government In Between You And Your Paycheck


Helena MT – Today, Republicans on the Senate Administration committee voted to block union member employees from having the freedom to choose to pay their union dues by automatic withdrawal from their paycheck. Republican Senator Regier SD 3 from Kalispell sponsored SB 89.  

“This Republican bill takes away the freedom of working people to decide how to distribute their own money when using payroll deductions. It takes that freedom away. SB 89 aims to help corporations increase their profit margin by weakening and unfunding the unions that increase wages and benefits for Montana’s working people,” Said Sandi Luckey, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Payroll deduction decisions should be between employees and their employer, not with big government regulating people’s paychecks.”



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