Montanans Challenge Rosendale on Offensive Voting Record


Montanans Challenge Rosendale on Offensive Voting Record

Residents around the state deride the representative for ignoring history, failing to honor law enforcement

Helena, MT — Constituents around Montana have turned their attention toward Representative Matt Rosendale following a series of controversial votes last week. Rosendale was one of fourteen Republicans to vote against a bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, and one of 21 to vote against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the Capitol Police and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department for their work defending the U.S. Capitol from violent insurrectionists. The Republican delegation was the only party to offer opposition to either bill, and Rosendale was one of six representatives to vote against both measures.

In the days following the votes, residents around the state have taken to their local papers to criticize the representative for his inconsistent understanding of history and failure to support law enforcement. The letters feature a strikingly similar message — that Matt Rosendale is wrong for Montana.

“Montana Republicans have a track record of using campaign slogans like ‘Back the Blue’ but never actually backing anyone,” said Sandi Luckey, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Is Zinke just another in a long line of Montana Republican candidates that has questionable commitments to anything beyond building power for himself and using it to increase the amount of money he can stuff into his own pocket?”

Read a sample of the letters here:

“Learn some history congressman and for once give us some cogent thought as opposed to your typical political hyperbole and tripe. You’re an embarrassment. Montana and America deserve better.”

Rosendale is an embarrassment
Helena Independent Record

“Matt Rosendale gets so much wrong in defending his vote against making Juneteenth a national holiday that he must have had help.”

Rosendale fails in vote against Juneteenth
Billings Gazette

“Rosendale is an embarrassment for Montana and humanity.”

Rosendale not OK with freedom?

“So who’s the extremist here? Who’s the real threat to the Constitution? Rosendale or his imaginary, horrible, terrible, frightening, terrifying (and non-existent) leftist goblins?”

Who’s the real threat?
Daily Inter Lake

“It appears Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale does not support law and order or celebrating the end of slavery, as Rosendale voted nay on both bills. As a native of Montana, I may be naive to believe in Montana ‘values.’ But I do. Rosendale claims he has Montana values, but these nay votes call that claim into question.”

Rosendale votes are not MT values



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