Gianforte jeopardizes a healthy economy and workforce

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021



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Gianforte jeopardizes a healthy economy and workforce


 Gianforte Moves to Rescind Mask Mandate, Jeopardizing Thousands of Small Businesses and Jobs



Helena MT –  On a day that Montana reported over 1000 COVID-19 related deaths, Governor Greg Gianforte announced he will repeal Montana’s statewide mask mandate within weeks, and moved frontline workers to a lower priority for the vaccine schedule. 


Lifting the mask mandate before frontline workers are vaccinated is a recipe for catastrophe for Montana small businesses, which will inevitably be forced to shut down for weeks at a time when their workers are exposed and get sick. 


“COVID kills jobs. It kills small businesses. By moving to prematurely lift the mask mandate, Gianforte is placing thousands of lives and jobs in danger,” said Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “A thriving economy requires a healthy workforce — Gianforte is well on his way to making sure we have neither.”



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