Longtime Daines Ally Pivots to Coronavirus Profiteering

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Friday, March 27, 2020

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Longtime Daines Ally Pivots to Coronavirus Profiteering

When Asked How He Acquired Coveted Medical Supplies, Gula Cited “Relationships”

Helena, MT – A longtime GOP fundraiser and close Daines ally is leaving politics to enter the burgeoning industry of pandemic profiteering. Mark Gula, a major Republican fundraiser, reached out to clients this week stating that his firm would be closing its doors. On Monday, he formed Blue Flame LLC, a company selling medical equipment necessary to fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

The company’s website boasts it carries “the industry’s broadest product selection from hundreds of suppliers.” When asked how he was able to acquire the in-demand medical supplies in the midst of major shortages, Gula responded, “I have relationships with a lot of people.” Gula stated that his firm would be helping his political clients with “everything they need for this quarter” — raising questions as to whether Steve Daines is still in business with him. Further, Montanans need answers as to whether Daines helped his longtime partner get his pandemic profiteering business off the ground.

“This past week, Steve Daines was fighting for a $500 billion slush fund for large corporations. Now, his longtime ally is leaving politics to cash in on this public health crisis, having apparently acquired crucial medical supplies through his political connections,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “As millions of Americans are losing their jobs, and nurses across the country are crying out for desperately needed equipment, Steve Daines is hard at work fighting for corporate giveaways and — at best — standing idly by as his friends move to make a killing selling emergency medical supplies. Montanans deserve a Senator who’s focused on helping them, not his corporate backers and well-connected fundraisers.”


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