Gianforte Scores Huge Endorsement, Providing a Major Boost to His Pro-Sales Tax Agenda

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Gianforte Scores Huge Endorsement, Providing a Major Boost to His Pro-Sales Tax Agenda 

Helena, MT –  Earlier this week, Greg Gianforte’s campaign for governor was endorsed by Rep. Kerry White, a leader in Montana’s pro-sales tax movement. Although Gianforte was a natural choice for White’s support – given their mutual affection for a statewide sales tax – White’s announcement will only bolster Gianforte’s campaign to implement the measure over the opposition of 64% of Montanans.

Like Rep. White, Gianforte has advocated for replacing Montana’s income tax with a statewide sales tax, calling it an “ideal solution.” Gianforte went so far as to testify on behalf of a bill to lower the income tax for millionaires like himself and enact a statewide sales tax to force working Montanans to make up the difference. Gianforte and White know full well that Montanans have rejected a statewide sales tax not once, but twice, yet they remain hopeful that the third time will be the charm for their statewide sales tax dreams.

Although Gianforte’s tax plans have been condemned even by his fellow Republicans, he remains committed to his deeply unpopular beliefs. Former Republican legislator Edith Clark said that Gianforte’s tax plans would “devastate the ability to provide Health Services to our most vulnerable citizens.” Former Republican legislator Walter McNutt called Gianforte’s tax ideas “tasty bait… [that] hides painful hooks.” No amount of criticism will discourage Gianforte from advancing tax policy to benefit his own pocket book. 

“I am continually astonished by Gianforte’s dedication to lowering his own taxes while sticking the rest of us with the bill,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Montanans overwhelmingly reject New Jersey Greg’s out of touch policies and values and yet he continues to tout them. Congratulations on the endorsement Greg, I don’t think it will be much help.”


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