During COVID-19 Crisis, Gianforte Refuses To Defend Affordable Care Act, Eviction Protections  

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Thursday, April 09, 2020

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During COVID-19 Crisis, Gianforte Refuses To Defend Affordable Care Act, Eviction Protections

Gianforte Refuses To Condemn Running Mate Calling Consumer Protections “Socialism” 

Helena, MT – During a tele-town hall with the Billings Chamber of Commerce, Greg Gianforte was once again asked to reconsider his opposition to the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, as the COVID-19 crisis rages across the nation. A constituent also asked Gianforte if he supported Governor Bullock’s recent order to temporarily protect Montanans from eviction and foreclosure, which his running mate, Kristen Juras, called “socialism.” On both counts, Gianforte avoided the question and refused to level with Montanans about his plans to lead during a crisis like we’re facing now. 

When asked about healthcare, Gianforte refused to voice his support for the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion — critical programs responsible for insuring nearly 142,000 Montanans and protecting another 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions from insurance company discrimination. Gianforte claims to support “better ways to provide healthcare” when asked by constituents, but he never provides specific plans to do so. Not even a pandemic can persuade Gianforte to reconsider his efforts to rip health care away from thousands of Montanans.

Gianforte dodged another constituent’s question about his running mate’s comments on Gov. Bullock’s consumer protection order, saying, “no two people make the same decision.” Why is it so hard for Gianforte to give Montanans a straight answer? Does Gianforte agree with his running mate that Montanans struggling to pay their bills deserve to be thrown out of their homes? Anyone running to be our state’s next leader needs to be honest with Montanans about how they would govern in times of crisis.

“New Jersey Millionaire Greg Gianforte continues to bob and weave his way around constituents’ questions, leaving Montanans guessing about his true policy beliefs,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Does Greg Gianforte support quality, affordable health care for thousands of Montanans, yes or no? During a public health emergency, does Greg Gianforte believe that economically vulnerable Montanans don’t deserve any protection from eviction or foreclosure, yes or no? Gianforte should have the courage to be honest about his positions, instead of hiding behind evasions and dodges.”


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