Daines Remains Silent as Trump Administration Advances Massive Corporate Slush Fund

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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Daines Remains Silent as Trump Administration Advances Massive Corporate Slush Fund

Daines Supported a Massive Corporate Slush Fund With Insufficient Oversight or Protections to Prevent Taxpayers from Paying for CEO Bonuses or Stock Buy Backs 

Helena, MT – In negotiations over the pandemic response bill, Senator Daines supported a massive corporate bailout without strong protections to prevent corporations from using federal aid funds to boost CEO bonuses or buy back stocks — measures Democrats secured before passing the final deal. 

Now, new reporting reveals that the Trump administration is rolling out a new program without those restrictions, opening the door for corporations to use federal aid on stock buybacks, dividends, and CEO bonuses, without requirements on keeping their workers. The move follows President Trump’s ouster of the inspector general charged with overseeing the implementation of the $2 trillion pandemic stimulus package — a move that has been met with alarm from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, but not from Senator Daines.

“Montanans demand transparency and accountability to ensure that critical aid isn’t used to give bonuses to CEOs while their employees are laid off,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Daines’ continued fealty to large corporations and the wealthy while working Montana families are suffering is disqualifying.”

After Senator Daines was repeatedly caught “bragging” about expanded unemployment benefits he voted against — earning condemnation for his dishonesty — he is now calling the additional aid to Montanans laid off due to the pandemic too “generous.” Daines and Senate Republicans also slipped a massive tax giveaway for millionaires into the must-pass legislation, but failed to speak out for rural hospitals across the country and in Montana that have struggled to stay afloat.


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