Daines Pushed for Pandemic Response Bill Without Funding for Indian Country

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Daines Pushed for Pandemic Response Bill Without Funding for Indian Country

Helena, MT – Steve Daines appeared at a forum hosted by the National Congress of American Indians to discuss the federal government’s response to the pandemic in Indian Country. While lamenting the fact that critical funds for Indian Country had not been allocated sooner, Daines failed to mention that he pushed for a pandemic response package without funding for tribal governments.

Daines’ “shock” at the lack of tribal funding in initial legislation rings hollow. As a member of the Senate majority, Daines could have pushed for more funding for Indian Country, sooner. Instead, he supported a massive corporate bailout without strong protections to prevent corporations from using federal aid funds to boost CEO bonuses or buy back stocks, and helped Senate Republicans slip a massive tax giveaway for millionaires into must-pass legislation, while failing to speak out for rural hospitals across the country and in Montana that have struggled to stay afloat.

“If Senator Daines was serious about getting tribal governments the resources they need to cope with the pandemic, he would have actually tried to get it done,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Instead, he’s been busy taking credit for measures he opposed, and fighting for large corporations and the wealthy. Once again, Senator Daines is trying to rewrite history.”


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