Daines’ New Attacks On China Part Of Campaign Strategy Directed By Washington

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Monday, April 27, 2020

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Daines’ New Attacks On China Part Of Campaign Strategy Directed By Washington

Leaked Memo Outlines GOP Tactic to Attack China and Deflect Blame from Trump Administration 

Helena, MT – Senator Steve Daines is taking his cues from Washington political consultants with new TV ads and comments on China’s role in the coronavirus outbreak — an abrupt departure from his chummy relationship with the Chinese government, his recent glowing praise of the country’s response, and his silence as the Trump administration shipped tons of personal protective equipment and other medical supplies to China earlier this year. 

New reporting reveals that Republican Senate candidates were instructed by Washington consultants to deflect blame for the pandemic onto the Chinese government and were urged, “don’t defend Trump.” As Washington faces increasing scrutiny for failing to adequately prepare for the crisis, Daines is toeing the party line in deflecting blame instead of working to help Montana families and businesses.

For weeks, Daines has been misleading Montanans about his record on responding to the public health crisis. Daines has been repeatedly caught “bragging” about unemployment benefits he voted against expanding, while at the same time supporting a $500 billion corporate slush fund without adequate oversight. He pushed for a Paycheck Protection Program bill without any funding to increase testing capacity or support struggling hospitals, then touted his role in the legislation’s passage. Daines and Senate Republicans also slipped a massive tax giveaway for millionaires into the must-pass legislation, but failed to speak out for rural hospitals across the country and in Montana that have struggled to stay afloat.


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