Daines Continues to Take Credit for Unemployment Benefits He Voted Against

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Daines Continues to Take Credit for Unemployment Benefits He Voted Against

Daines Already Chided for His “Dishonesty

Helena, MT – Even after he was caught “bragging” about expanded unemployment benefits he voted against, Senator Steve Daines continues to tout the additional funds that – if it had been up to him – wouldn’t be available to Montanans.

In a Tuesday tele town hall, Daines again took credit for the extra benefit several times, but never mentioned that he backed an amendment to cap unemployment insurance after supporting a massive corporate bailout without strong restrictions to prevent corporations from using federal aid funds to boost CEO bonuses or buy back stocks. 

Reports pointed to Daines as a primary example of “senators [who] supported lowering the unemployment benefits in the coronavirus rescue package [but] aren’t mentioning that to their constituents” and columnists are pointing out his dishonesty.

“It’s bad enough Steve Daines voted to cap critical unemployment benefits for Montanans suffering in the wake of this public health crisis. His continued efforts to rewrite his record make it that much worse,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Montanans expect our elected leaders to be honest and fight for them. Daines has failed us on both counts — Montanans deserve better.”

Steve Daines Tele Town Hall, Tuesday, April 7

“We’ve also expanded unemployment insurance…The federal government is adding another $600 on top of that to help Montanans through this period of unemployment.”

“Yesterday I just announced that Montanans are going to be eligible to receive extended unemployment for Coronavirus as early as this week. A $600 provision where, we should have that tied into the Montana system as early as this week.”

“You take 53 percent times [median wage], it’s around $450 a week plus another $600 the federal government is also providing. That’s something we passed in that CARES package.”


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