Al Olszewski Votes Against Affordable Health Care for Montanans Days After Launching Campaign for Governor

Justin Ailport2019

Helena – Sen. Al Olszewski, R-SD-06, today voted against continuing to provide affordable health care to 96,000 Montanans, just days after announcing his 2020 campaign for governor.

On April 3, Olszewski announced his bid for the Montana governorship, claiming one of his priorities would be affordable health care. Yet today, Olszewski cast his second vote this session against Republican-sponsored legislation to continue the Montana Medicaid expansion program. He also voted against the bipartisan, compromise Medicaid expansion bill in 2015, and voted against another version of the bill in committee.

“Of all people, a doctor should recognize the harm in voting to rob affordable health care from nearly 1 in 10 Montanans,” Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen said. “Unfortunately, Olszewski has a proven track record showing he has no interest in providing Montanans with access to affordable health care. Montanans deserve a governor who will work for them, not someone who will say one thing and consistently do the opposite.”

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