In Yet Another Softball Interview with National Radio, Rosendale Criticizes Tester for…Taking Questions from Montanans at Town Hall

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Helena – While Jon Tester was traveling the state holding town halls and meeting with Montanans this weekend, wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale chatted up extreme Breitbart radio, using the opportunity to bash Tester for participating in a town hall hosted by high schoolers. Rosendale sarcastically called it “really tough” to answer questions from high school students.

“He spent last week at a high school…Now that’s a really tough, you know, venue to go in and start fielding some questions,” Rosendale blurted.

In attempting to go after Tester, Rosendale – a public official who since announcing his run for Senate has hardly appeared in public, let alone held a town hall – also managed to insult high school students, who by all accounts all came prepared to ask “tough questions” of Tester.

Meanwhile, Rosendale won’t do public events with any Montanans, let alone students, but will happily take an “interview” with national radio…filled with softball questions from a friendly host.


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