Will Rosendale Choose Trump or Bannon?

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Helena – Saturday, Axios reported that President Trump “has been working the phones over the past several days telling allies they need to choose between him and former adviser Steve Bannon. For almost everyone it’s been an easy choice: Trump.”

Read Axios – Trump: choose Bannon or me

An easy choice, it seems, for everyone but Matt Rosendale, candidate for Senate in Montana whose spokesperson was unable to express Rosendale’s allegiance to Trump, and – perhaps worried money from Bannon’s network will dry up – wouldn’t weigh in on Bannon’s endorsement of Rosendale’s campaign.

This, of course, comes after Bannon’s vicious attacks on President Trump and his family, and then Trump saying Bannon was fired and “lost his mind” and had “nothing to do with me or my presidency.”

While Bannon has since said he regretted some of the things he said, Rosendale has been willing to stick by Bannon in the past, even after national Republicans abandoned Bannon because of his continued support of alleged child molester Roy Moore in Alabama.

Meanwhile, his opponent Troy Downing, has been visiting the White House and hanging with Donald Trump Jr.


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