Will Matt Rosendale Distance Himself From Bannon? Who Knows…But It Doesn’t Seem Like It

Laura Parvey-Connors2018, News

Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale has been “keeping quiet” the last couple days, according to Yellowstone Public Radio, doing nothing to distance himself from former White House strategist Steve Bannon after Bannon’s vicious attacks on President Trump.

After Bannon attacked Trump, Trump pushed back, saying Bannon was fired and “lost his mind” and had “nothing to do with me or my presidency.” He went on to say Bannon had little to do with his victory. Trump’s son said Bannon took the opportunity of working at the White House and “turned that opportunity into a nightmare of backstabbing, harassing, leaking, lying & undermining the President.”

High profile Senate GOP candidates around the country distanced themselves from Bannon and latched onto Trump, with one strategist telling The Hill: “Candidates who were using Steve Bannon as a demonstration of their closeness with the administration now look like complete idiots.”

But Rosendale didn’t address his endorsement from Bannon, even after YPR asked. “Spokesperson Kyle Schmauch won’t say whether Rosendale will keep or drop Bannon’s endorsement,” according to YPR. Bannon and an affiliated group, Great America Alliance, endorsed Rosendale this fall.

Rosendale is developing a reputation for looking out for himself regardless of the impacts of his actions on Montana’s families, and he must find himself in quite the pickle.

But as his opponent Troy Downing, visits with the White House and hangs with Donald Trump Jr., you wonder if Rosendale’s star is starting to fade.

“Matt Rosendale is a wealthy real estate developer from Maryland who has tied his hopes of getting elected to out-of-state special interest groups and people like Steve Bannon,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “His political hopscotch may work on the East Coast, but it shows he’s not looking out for Montana, he’s looking out for his own self-interest.”


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