Russell Fagg Still Deceiving Montana Voters, Refusing to Disclose His Campaign’s Secret Donors

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Helena – Russell Fagg launched his shadow campaign for Senate seven months ago, but he has yet to let Montanans know who his secret donors are who contributed to his partisan campaign while he was still a sitting judge.

Still facing a pending FEC complaint for running a shadow campaign while he was a sitting judge, Fagg continues to deceive Montana voters by refusing to disclose any contributors to his campaign, even though all of his opponents have been disclosing their donors for months.

Fagg unethically began his shadow campaign while he was a sitting judge, actions which, according to the Billings Gazette, “seem to run contrary to these rules.”

Fagg continued his lack of transparency, not disclosing his personal finances by not filing required paperwork to run for office on time, which is required by law. His continued lack of transparency and inability to follow the rules is disturbing, and if he was truly trying to represent Montanans’ best interests, he would have immediately disclosed his donors, and his financial records.

“There’s no excuse for Russell Fagg not to disclose his secret donors, unless he’s just hoping everyone will forget he was raising political money while he was still a sitting judge,” said Brooke Bainum, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “While eventually he will be compelled to share his campaign’s financial situation, it’s long past time that Fagg let Montana voters know the donors backing his shadow campaign.”


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