Rosendale’s Hypocrisy Continues: Tweets Support of Human Trafficking Awareness, But Votes Against “Vital” Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation

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Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale tweeted about Human Trafficking Awareness Day yesterday, which would be a nice gesture, if he hadn’t voted against a bipartisan measure to strengthen Montana’s human trafficking laws.

In 2015, Rosendale was one of only seven senators to vote against the bipartisan law, which requires perpetrators to register as sex offenders, allows victims an affirmative defense, and deems a victim’s past sexual behavior generally inadmissible.

A Missoula Police Department Detective said the bipartisan legislation “does much to help law enforcement prosecute sex trafficking.” The Helena Independent Record editorial board said the bipartisan legislation was “vital for Montana.”

Attorney General Tim Fox praised the bipartisan bill, saying “our laws need the clear definitions and penalties established in this bill.”

And Shared Hope International, a national non-profit, bumped Montana’s rating on child sex trafficking from a “D” to an “A” on its report card, citing the legislation that was signed into law.

And yet, Rosendale voted against this bipartisan, law enforcement-supported legislation.



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