Residency Issues Not Going Away, Bickering Just Beginning for GOP #MTSen Candidates

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Helena ­– The squabbling continues in the Montana GOP Senate primary, with Dr. Al Olszewski recently proclaiming he has deep roots in Montana, an apparent dig at wealthy Maryland real estate developer Matt Rosendale and California millionaire Troy Downing.

Olszewski sent an email to his list last week, explaining that he was “100% Montanan” and had deep roots and a “Made in Montana” story, attempting to address concerns around the state that Downing and Rosendale are not actually from Montana.

Downing, of course, has had several issues with his residency, most recently getting caught claiming a primary home tax break for his California home. Rosendale consistently makes headlines for not being a native Montanan.

The primary is just getting underway, but Dr. O’s email is just the latest example of a GOP primary that is likely to descend into chaos and bickering, leaving Rosendale and Downing to try to convince voters they’re not out-of-touch outsiders who don’t share Montana’s values.


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