2 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Cooked Books In End Run Around Campaign Finance Law


Helena – A few months ago, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale was caught using a shady campaign finance scheme to allow his wealthy out-of-state donors to exceed the legal contribution limit.

Campaign finance experts called Rosendale’s maneuver a “legal form of money laundering” through which donors – none of whom were from Montana – gave up to $8,000 to Rosendale’s campaign, while the legal limit is $5,400 per cycle.

And last week it was reported that Rosendale shifted $125,000 using this exact same shady scheme.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle said that Rosendale “definitely is violating the spirit of the law” in what is an obvious way of skirting the law.

Rosendale refused to comment about his shady work around the law.


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