13 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Has No Answer for Montana Farmers Suffering from Tariffs


Rosendale Believes Their Suffering is “Part of This Negotiation Process”

Helena – When Matt Rosendale was asked what he would do for Montana farmers suffering in the short-term due to the trade war, he refused to answer. Instead, Rosendale said their suffering was “all part of this negotiation process.”

While Rosendale fully backs the trade war, Montana’s ag producers, already feeling the short-term impact, are “not so sure that the ongoing trade dispute would lead to long term benefits for Montana’s agriculture producers.”

A fourth generation farmer and president of the Montana Grain Growers Association said the tariffs have already depressed profits, and that “tearing [global markets] down has a pretty big impact on the future of [her] kids’ ability to farm.”

Other folks are also feeling “some immediate hardships” from the trade war, and while they are “hoping” it will benefit them in the long term, they aren’t confident and are currently “weathering Trump’s tariff storm,”

The Rosendale-backed trade war is jeopardizing millions in Montana exports, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, but Rosendale has shown an “unwillingness to stand up to” the tariffs — Montanans can’t trust him to stand up for us.


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