12 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale A Threat To Public Lands, Pushed To Transfer Them


Helena – This year, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale tried desperately to rewrite his history of supporting the transfer of public lands and voting against public access.

Rosendale repeatedly pushed to transfer federal public lands, the first step towards making it easier to sell them off to developers like himself.

On the Land Board, Rosendale has opposed measures to expand or protect public hunting access. He voted to obstruct the Horse Creek easement, which would allow permanent public hunting access on 20,000 acres of land in Eastern Montana, and was the deciding vote against amending the Keogh Conservation Easement to protect roughly 8,000 acres of prime elk habitat from encroaching development.

And Rosendale has yet to answer for the fact that his own party’s platform calls for the transfer of public lands.

Montanans are concerned that Rosendale’s recent, alleged change of heart on public lands was even necessary in the first place and wonder if it’s only because his consultants told him to.

Either way, it shows Rosendale isn’t looking out for Montanans and is willing to say anything to get ahead.


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