11 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Played A “Political Game” As He Rubber-Stamped Rate Hikes Up To 23 Percent for Montanans


Helena – As insurance commissioner, Matt Rosendale rubber-stamped average health care rate hikes of up to 23 percent last year.

Not only did Rosendale find those double digit rate hikes “reasonable,” he was also criticized for playing a “political game” when he publicly criticized Montana insurance companies for raising insurance rates even though he told them privately he would work with them to raise rates.

As the Billings Gazette pointed out, Rosendale could have used “the bully pulpit of his state office to pressure insurers to stop overpricing,” something he failed to do again this year when he rubber-stamped every rate hike insurance companies put forward for 2019 — and refused to hold public hearings during the rate review period.

During his time as Insurance Commissioner, Rosendale has made it clear that he isn’t interested in fighting for Montanans and instead would let insurance companies deny coverage for or discriminate against Montanans with pre-existing conditions.


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