10 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Faces FEC Complaint for Potential Illegal Coordination with Dark Money Group


Helena – Last month, audio of Matt Rosendale was released that raised the question of potentially illegal coordination with a dark money group.

Rosendale was caught on tape appearing to reveal that he had been given a heads up from a dark money group, before it began spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack Sen. Jon Tester.

According to Rosendale himself, on tape, the group’s top political strategist told him “we’re going to be in this race.” Sure enough, in early September, they were “in this race” – and the ad was about a topic he said he discussed with the group’s strategist.

Campaign finance experts and watchdogs agree it raises serious questions of illegal coordination. The Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC alleging potential illegal coordination with an independent expenditure by Rosendale.

The incident was a stark reminder of Rosendale’s history of playing fast and loose with campaign finance laws if it benefits him.


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