🤐🤐🤐Rosendale Refused to Respond to Questions On Lawsuit That Would Gut Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions


Helena – The National Journal reached out to Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale this week for his position on a lawsuit that would gut protections for preexisting conditions. In response, Rosendale did what he always does when confronted about the ways he has misled and abandoned Montanans: refused to comment.

According to the article, Rosendale and his campaign “would not respond to questions on the candidate’s stance on the court case”—which is par for the course for Rosendale, who regularly refuses to comment on his many scandals.

Rosendale continues to champion harmful health care policies that would spike medical costs and undermine critical protections for 152,000 Montanans with preexisting conditions. Read more about Rosendale’s refusal to stand up for Montanans with preexisting conditions:

Democrats Wield Preexisting Conditions Against Republicans
By Erin Durkin
September 6, 2018

Key points:

  • “They blasted Republican Senate contender Matt Rosendale for not speaking out against a lawsuit that aims to knock down Obamacare—including preexisting conditions protections—as well as his history of pushing insurance plans with skimpier coverage.”
  • “Rosendale’s campaign would not respond to questions on the candidate’s stance on the court case.”
  • “The Montana Democratic Party said that if the Obamacare lawsuit is successful, insurers could ‘charge folks more because of their medical history or deny coverage entirely’ and that Rosendale’s silence on the matter leaves ‘Montanans in the dark about where he stands.’”
  • “‘Rosendale’s job as insurance commissioner is to protect Montana consumers, but his record of pushing for shoddy short-term plans and fake solutions like Medi-Share—neither of which are required to cover preexisting conditions—would do the exact opposite.’”


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