👖 on 🔥 POLITIFACT: Rosendale’s Pants are on Fire…Again


Helena – Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale continues to lie to Montanans, and he’s just been called out again. While he has a long history of misleading Montanans, he’s being called out for his most recent falsehood, claiming that Sen. Jon Tester “took an income raise in the omnibus bill.”

PolitiFact ruled Rosendale’s claim “Pants on Fire!”, saying it is “flat wrong” given that Congress has frozen its salary since 2009. Rosendale previously earned a “Pants on Fire!” from the nonpartisan fact checker for making “an absurd claim” about Sen. Tester’s record on the first day of his campaign.

ICYMI: PolitiFact: Did Congress vote to give itself a pay raise this year? No
By John Kruzel
April 20, 2018

Key Points:

  • “Rosendale’s claim that Congress received a pay raise is flat wrong.”
  • “For Rosendale to be correct that Tester voted himself a raise, the 2018 omnibus would have to have resume Congress’ yearly pay bump. So, did it? Nope.”
  • “Tester did indeed vote for this year’s Consolidated Appropriations Act, a spending package that funds everything from the military, to assistance for the nation’s opioid problem to border security.”
  • “Rosendale has no basis for his claim. We rate it Pants on Fire!”

Read the entire article HERE.


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