Awkward: Bannon threatens Koch-backed candidates like Rosendale: “you are going to pay”

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Helena – Disgraced former White House advisor Steve Bannon – who has endorsed Matt Rosendale – issued a warning this week to candidates propped up by Koch-funded organizations, like Matt Rosendale, threatening that “it’s going to be toxic” and “if you take Koch money there’s a punishment.” That could make things mighty awkward for East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt … Read More

Shoddy Rosendale-Backed Short-Term Insurance Plans Don’t Require Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

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Helena – The job of Montana’s insurance commissioner is to advocate for and protect Montana consumers. But instead, East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt Rosendale is advocating for harmful short-term insurance policies – shoddy plans that would spike premiums in Montana by nearly 20 percent, while not requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure or pregnancy. The White House … Read More

Montana’s Largest Newspaper Calls Out Rosendale For Disturbing ‘No’ Vote On Anti-Trafficking Legislation

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Helena – Montana’s largest newspaper published an editorial on the importance of fighting to end human trafficking in Montana—and called out East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt Rosendale for voting against one of the most critical pieces of anti-trafficking legislation that our state has ever seen. In 2015, the Montana state legislature passed a widely supported, bipartisan bill to crack … Read More

With Rosendale Campaigning in DC, Montana Health Care Providers, Patients Call Him Out for Failing to Protect Montanans from Insurance Rate Hikes

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Helena – This morning, Montanans joined together to call out East Coast developer and state frauditor Matt Rosendale for neglecting to do his job as insurance commissioner. Instead of doing his job, Rosendale has been in Washington today and yesterday to fundraise for his campaign. Montanans gathered outside Rosendale’s official office to express their outrage at Rosendale for putting his political … Read More

Wondering How to Hear From Matt Rosendale? We’ve Created an Easy Guide

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Helena – If you’re a Montana voter, or even a reporter, you’re probably beginning to realize that it’s not easy to get ahold of Matt Rosendale. In the aftermath of Rosendale bailing on the first debate of the election, Montanans may be wondering: How do we hear from Rosendale about his vision for Montana, considering that, to our knowledge, he’s been … Read More

FLASHBACK: Gianforte Silent on Cutting Medicare, Supports Gutting Medicaid


Helena—Today is the 53rd anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid being signed into law, but there is only one candidate in the race for Montana’s at-large congressional seat whose dangerous record is threatening these critical programs: multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte. FACT: Gianforte won’t say if he opposes Paul Ryan’s plan to gut Medicare to help pay for corporate tax cuts. Gianforte and … Read More

NEW: Rosendale’s Anti-Public Lands Record Pays Off—With Donations From Private Landowners and Developers

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Helena – In case you missed it, E&E News published a ruthless article exposing East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s connections to private interests and developers who want to chip away at Montana’s public lands. As a developer himself, Rosendale has consistently proven that he cares more about transferring public lands to private interests than about preserving Montana’s outdoor heritage. E&E News: … Read More

On Anniversary of Failed Health Care Repeal, A Look at Rosendale’s Damaging Health Care Policies

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Helena – One year ago, a partisan effort to dismantle our current health care system failed. That failed effort would have ripped away health insurance coverage from millions of Americans, increased costs for care, and threatened Medicaid. East Coast developer and state frauditor Matt Rosendale, who is also Montana’s insurance commissioner, was – and remains – fully supportive of repealing … Read More

Rosendale Continues to Face Criticism for Exploiting Campaign Finance Loophole

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Helena –  In yet another bad news story for East Coast developer and state frauditor Matt Rosendale, the Missoula Independent reported on Rosendale’s exploitation of campaign finance law—with Montana State Rep. Bryce Bennett criticizing Rosendale for using a loophole to skirt campaign finance laws. Earlier this month, Rosendale was exposed for cooking the books and using a shady campaign finance … Read More

NEW: Montana Dems Release Digital Ad Correcting Misleading Matt Rosendale’s False Claims

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Does Rosendale Not Think Veterans Are Important? Helena – Today, the Montana Democratic Party released a new digital ad showing East Coast developer and state frauditor Matt Rosendale misleading Montanans, again — this time about Sen. Jon Tester’s work with President Trump, who has so far signed 16 of Tester’s bills into law. Yesterday, Rosendale falsely claimed that Tester opposed every … Read More