10 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Faces FEC Complaint for Potential Illegal Coordination with Dark Money Group

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Helena – Last month, audio of Matt Rosendale was released that raised the question of potentially illegal coordination with a dark money group. Rosendale was caught on tape appearing to reveal that he had been given a heads up from a dark money group, before it began spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack Sen. Jon Tester. According to Rosendale … Read More

11 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Played A “Political Game” As He Rubber-Stamped Rate Hikes Up To 23 Percent for Montanans

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Helena – As insurance commissioner, Matt Rosendale rubber-stamped average health care rate hikes of up to 23 percent last year. Not only did Rosendale find those double digit rate hikes “reasonable,” he was also criticized for playing a “political game” when he publicly criticized Montana insurance companies for raising insurance rates even though he told them privately he would work with them to raise rates. As the Billings … Read More

Ben Jacobs’ Lawyer: Gianforte’s “continued lying is unacceptable and actionable”


Helena – If it’s a day of the week, multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte is being called out for lying to Montanans and the police about assaulting a reporter more than a year ago. Today, a lawyer for Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs responded to an editorial board interview with the Missoulian in which Gianforte falsely claimed: “The statement I gave was my recollection of … Read More

12 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale A Threat To Public Lands, Pushed To Transfer Them

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Helena – This year, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale tried desperately to rewrite his history of supporting the transfer of public lands and voting against public access. Rosendale repeatedly pushed to transfer federal public lands, the first step towards making it easier to sell them off to developers like himself. On the Land Board, Rosendale has opposed measures to expand or … Read More

13 DAYS: Reminder: Rosendale Has No Answer for Montana Farmers Suffering from Tariffs

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Rosendale Believes Their Suffering is “Part of This Negotiation Process” Helena – When Matt Rosendale was asked what he would do for Montana farmers suffering in the short-term due to the trade war, he refused to answer. Instead, Rosendale said their suffering was “all part of this negotiation process.” While Rosendale fully backs the trade war, Montana’s ag producers, already feeling … Read More

Rosendale’s Claim to Protect Montanans with Pre-Existing Conditions Proves to be False…by Rosendale’s Own Admission

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Helena – Yesterday, the White House issued new guidance making it easier for states to let insurance companies sell plans that don’t include coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions and can impose lifetime limits. On the very same day, Rosendale doubled down on his support for ending protections for Montanans with pre-existing conditions to a national reporter — despite … Read More

14 DAYS: Reminder: “Rosendale should know that the policies he supports do opposite of what he promised”

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Rosendale’s health care agenda would leave the 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions unprotected Helena – In the final two weeks of the election, we’re taking a look at some of East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s worst moments. Today, a reminder Rosendale claims that he will “always protect” Montanans with pre-existing conditions, but has pushed for policies that don’t do that – … Read More

Rosendale’s Party Boss on Plan That Would Gut Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions: “If we had the votes…we’d do it.”

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Helena – After fundraising with East Coast developer Matt Rosendale yesterday, Mitch McConnell reaffirmed that his efforts to strip away protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions would continue after the midterms if folks like Rosendale won. McConnell said he was disappointed his party had failed to repeal the current health care law and that if they “had the votes” to pass … Read More

PUPPIES! New Digital Ad Urges Montanans to Make a Plan to Cast Their Ballots

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Helena — Quick, look at these puppies: Now, focus! Today, the Montana Democratic Party launched a new digital ad urging Montanans to make a plan to cast their ballots on or before November 6th—with a little inspiration from some furry friends. The digital ad talks about what is at stake this election, including critically important issues like health care, public lands, equal pay for … Read More

As Rosendale Fundraises With Mitch McConnell In Washington, DC, Does He Agree With His Party Boss That Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Should Be Cut?

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McConnell Called Deficit “Disturbing,” Said Problem is Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Helena – This work week, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is skipping out on his job to campaign on the East Coast and fundraise for his campaign. Today, Rosendale will be fundraising in DC with Mitch McConnell, who just this morning told reporters the rising national deficit is “disturbing” … Read More