Tim Fox Slams Greg Gianforte in latest example of GOP Discord

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HELENA – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen today released the following statement on the divisive campaign ads between GOP gubernatorial candidates Tim Fox and Greg Gianforte: “The Republicans running to govern our state are showing just how out of step they are if this is what they think every-day Montanans care about,” Lindeen said. “Montanans deserve a governor … Read More

Matt Rosendale Charged with Illegal Campaign Coordination in FEC Complaint

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HELENA – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen today issued the following statement calling attention to the week-old Federal Elections Commission (FEC) complaint filed against failed U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale for illegal campaign coordination. “Matt Rosendale and his never-ending pursuit of a Washington, D.C. Congressional gig has once again let Montana down,” Lindeen said. “Rosendale has a history … Read More

Daines Throws Support Behind Tariffs That Are Wreaking Havoc on Montanans’ Livelihoods

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Helena, Mont. – Returning from his trip to China, Sen. Steve Daines threw his support behind tariffs that are exacerbating a trade war that has upended international markets and devastated prices for Montana farmers and producers. Daines said he supports tariffs placed on Chinese goods, which China has retaliated against, resulting in higher costs on goods for families in Montana and across the country. The escalating trade … Read More

Tim Fox Races to Break Montana Law and Force More Government into Montanans’ Health Care Decisions

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Helena, Mont. – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen issued the following statement after Tim Fox, Montana’s current attorney general and a Republican candidate for governor, signed onto a lawsuit that aims to put more government restrictions on private health care decisions. The North Carolina lawsuit runs counter to the Montana Constitution, which protects the right of individual privacy. “By joining … Read More

Scott Sales Wants to Limit Montanans’ Access to the Ballot Box

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Helena, Mont. – In an interview with Yellowstone Public Radio this week, Republican candidate for secretary of state Scott Sales said he supports efforts to limit Montanans’ access to voting. Sales said he has “never supported same-day voter registration,” which has been the law in Montana since 2005. Same-day voter registration has been shown to improve voter turnout on Election Day. In fact, Montana was among the top five states … Read More

ICYMI: Daines’ Silence “Speaks Volumes” Following Anti-Public Lands BLM Appointment

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Helena, Mont. – The Montana Standard had some pointed words this weekend about Sen. Steve Daines’ continued silence following the appointment of anti-public lands and anti-federal land management William Pendley to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Pendley, who was appointed to lead the BLM last month, has advocated for the sale of public lands and against federal management of lands, which … Read More

Daines Talks at RSVP-Only, Paid Luncheon While Tester Holds Another Public, Face-to-Face Town Hall

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Helena, Mont. – Sen. Steve Daines spoke at an RSVP-only, pay-to-get-in luncheon in Missoula yesterday, in sharp contrast to Sen. Jon Tester, who answered questions from Montanans in a face-to-face public town hall in Great Falls today. Tester has held four town halls this year alone, while Daines and Montana’s lone congressman and Republican candidate for governor Greg Gianforte have shied away … Read More

Gianforte Met with Non-Profits that Serve Sexual Assault Survivors After Voting Against Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

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Helena, Mont. — Just a few months after voting against legislation to protect survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, Rep. Greg Gianforte met with non-profit leaders in Helena yesterday, including organizations that work with survivors of sexual assault. In a roundtable with non-profit leaders, candidate-for-governor Gianforte claimed to support organizations like Helena’s Friendship Center, which works with survivors of dating violence and … Read More

Montana Democrats’ Statement on Forrest Mandeville Running for Secretary of State

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Helena, Mont. – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen today released the following statement on the announcement that Rep. Forrest Mandeville, (R) HD-57, will challenge Sen. Scott Sales, (R) SD-35, in a Republican primary for the Montana secretary of state’s office: “Forrest Mandeville has wasted time in the Montana legislature fighting for bizarre bills that won’t move the needle when … Read More

Daines Votes for Amendment to Let the Cost of Prescription Drugs Continue to Rise for Montana Seniors

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Helena, Mont. — U.S. Sen. Steve Daines today voted with Big Pharma and against limiting the cost of prescription drugs for Montana seniors who rely on Medicare for their health care. In a U.S. Senate Finance Committee business meeting, Republicans on the committee attempted to remove a cap on Medicare prescription drug costs that was included in bipartisan legislation the committee passed to … Read More