Blue Bench Project Deputy Director Position Description

The Blue Bench Project (BBP) is a program of the Montana Democratic Party that works to elect Democrats and progressives to local office. The Blue Bench has three main goals: 1) Recruit, train, and support candidates running for municipal, county, and regional office; 2) Grow the Montana Democratic Party by providing guidance and assistance to groups involved in party-building projects; 3) Overseeing outreach projects to expand our base, such as working with the Tribal Committees and Rural Projects.

The Blue Bench Project Deputy Director works closely with state party staff, party leaders, and candidates to further this mission. The Blue Bench Project Deputy Director reports directly to the Blue Bench Project Director, and oversees staff that are often located remotely to assist with direct candidate work and grassroots coordination efforts.

The BBP Deputy Director and field staff are often the external-facing component of the Democratic Party in our communities and are responsible for building the local infrastructure that will persuade and mobilize voters to turn out a Democratic victory on Election Day, while also growing our party for the future. The Deputy Director is ideally based in Helena at the state party headquarters, but occasionally travels around the state.

Blue Bench Project Deputy Director responsibilities include:


  • Overseeing field staff for the Native Vote program as well as establishing goals and fleshing out the program for this cycle.
  • Manage the creation and development of the Tribal Committees, with a goal to have eight established by the end of the cycle.
  • Participate in hiring, training, and managing regional field staff for local-level campaigns.
  • Outline and execute a strategic vision for the key local races in each election cycle. 
  • Assist local (municipal and county-level) candidates and campaign teams in designing and implementing data-driven election plans.
  • Work closely with county parties, clubs, and local activists to ensure all groups can contribute to – and keep track of – the election efforts of candidates for local office. Provide support, including training in areas such as fundraising, field work, and campaign compliance, so these groups can in turn assist their local candidate.
  • Provide training opportunities for local candidates and their campaign teams, ideally in coordination with county parties or other programs of the Montana Democratic Party or Blue Bench-approved online modules such as NDTC. 
  • Assist with the development of Candidate Services resources with the Director.
  • Motivate local candidates to meet their voter contact goals. Work with MDP Data Director to outline specific field goals in competitive races to establish accountability systems or measures.
  • Communicate the importance of inputting data into the VAN by local candidates and maintaining a healthy and useable voter file for current and future races.
  • Collaborate with the MDP Data Director to gather and upload voter information into the VAN, so it can be incorporated into current and future elections, as well as strategic planning, at the local.
  • Attend local events, county meetings, etc., to recruit for candidates, field staff, and volunteers, to discuss and answer questions directed to the Blue Bench or MDP, and to build up relationships at the local-party level. 
  • Work with the Coordinated campaigns and other programs of the state party to plan voter persuasion, voter registration, and GOTV programs that are inclusive of all progressive candidates on the ticket.


A candidate should preferably have the following skills and experiences:


  • Knowledge of the Native Vote program and experience working with Tribal Organizing.
  • Experience doing organizing and  tracking metrics for said organizing.
  • A passion for local elections and party building projects.
  • The ability to work in difficult situations with party members and partners.


Compensation Information:

  • POSITION STATUS: Temporary
  • UNION STATUS: Unionized with IBEW Local 206
  • REPORTING TO:  Blue Bench Project Director
  • LOCATION: A strong preference for Helena, with additional travel around the state required.
  • STARTING DATE: May/June 2022
  • COMPENSATION: $3500-$4000 per month, health, dental, and vision insurance 100% paid by employer, monthly $50 technology stipend, and qualifying mileage reimbursement.