There are three conventions, and a set of elections happening.

County Delegate Selection conventions

The first convention is part of the National Delegate selection process to determine delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  This process starts at the County level. Each County in Montana will hold a convention ( June 3rd or 4th) to select delegates to the State Delegate Selection convention on (held on June 6th) following the Primary election (June 2nd).

If you are interested in participating in these conventions please contact your local county Chair for the date, time, physical location, or digital location of when this will be happening. You can find contact information for your local county chair here.

Before you can attend this convention you will need to fill out and return this form (if the county Chair is collecting Democratic Affirmation statements in paper form). Some Counties are also collecting these through a Google form.  You may fill it out here.  This form will automatically email the information required to your local county Chair.

State Delegate Selection Convention

The second Convention is the State level Delegate Selection Convention and is part of the National Delegate selection convention process to determine Montana’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention (August 2020). The State level selection will happen on June 6th and will be conducted digitally.  Votes will be recorded digitally. If you wish to run as a National Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Montana you must fill out this form and return it to the Montana Democratic Party by 5:00 PM on Friday, June 5th.

The 2020 Montana Democratic Party Platform Convention

This is the third convention that is taking place.  In accordance with MDP By-Laws, we are calling a Platform convention to take place on June 5th (updated agenda).  This convention will also be conducted digitally.  You must register for this convention here. The convention registration fee is $80.00.

If you are suggesting changes to the MDP Platform you must be registered for the Convention and be available to present the reason for your changes to the platform in the Plank Committees, please review the MDP platform here and use this link to submit your suggestions. We are accepting early proposed plank amendments now through 5:00 pm on June 1st.  Amendments will be considered in the order they are received.

The Plank Committees will start at 9:20 am on Friday, June 5th. More information will be sent to you once you register for the Platform convention.

A set of Elections

The last order of business for the Montana Democratic Party this weekend will be to elect our two members of the Democratic National Committee as representatives from the State of Montana.  Montana is allowed one man and one woman to represent us on the DNC.  These elections will be held digitally as well.  When we get notification of candidates that are running for each position we will post information from them below.  If you are interested in running to be either the Montana National Committeeman or National Committeewoman please email [email protected] and [email protected] including your name, email, cell phone number, and a note expressing your interest in either the National Committeeman or National Committee Woman position and either a short Bio (less than 150 words) or a link to a youtube video.  Declarations for National committee people are due by June 1st at 5:00 PM.

National Committee people

The following people have declared they are running to either be the National Committeeman or National Committeewoman.  As they send more details we will post either a bio or short video below.

Candidates for National Committeewoman

Mary Moe

Stacie Anderson – Withdrawn

Jen Merecki

Candidates for National Committeeman

Jorge Quintana


Daniel Carlino

My name is Daniel Carlino, and I am organizing the youth for a political revolution to ensure climate justice and a socially just future in the United States. Helping start the Sunrise Movement in Montana and working on our Green New Deal and ‘no fossil-fuel money’ pledge campaigns made me quickly realize that we have a corrupt political system. I am not afraid to take on corruption head on, and I will continue to do it in our state unit we fix this broken political system. I am a graduate from UM in environmental studies and wildlife biology, and I am a candidate for Montana PSC. Although I am up against big money in my race, I stayed fighting until the end, speaking the truth about what needs to be done with our utilities. I will represent progressive, Green New Deal focused values on for our state.

Sam Shaw

My name is Sam Shaw, and I’m a high school English teacher in Sidney, an oil and agriculture town near the North Dakota line. I’m running for National Committeeman because the national Democratic Party needs to get serious about antitrust and monopoly power. How come beef at the grocery store costs more and more, but our producers get paid less and less? How come we let huge global seed companies — of which there are now only 4 — push our farmers around? This is a potent issue, and we Democrats forfeit it to populist Republicans at our own risk. If I am elected National Committeeman, my number one goal will be to make sure there’s a robust antitrust plank in the national party’s platform.