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Rehberg Lawsuit Could be "Eye Opener" for Rural Fire Departments

Several firefighters in the greater Helena area shared their concerns Tuesday in an interview with KXLH regarding the ramifications Denny Rehberg’s lawsuit against Billings firefighters may have on fire departments across Montana.

Montana firefighters are watching the suit closely. Two Helena-area fire chiefs told KXLH that Rehberg’s lawsuit, if successful, could hurt fire departments like theirs and distract volunteers from their mission.

“It’s demoralizing and it just takes a tremendous amount of time,” Bob Drake, fire chief for the Tri-Lakes Volunteer Fire Department in Helena, told KXLH.

Bill Wegner, fire chief at the East Valley Fire Department, told KXLH that a lawsuit like Rehberg’s would not only have a financial impact on firefighters, it could make it hard to recruit volunteers.

If Billings firefighters lose the case, Wegner added, it will serve as an “eye opener” for rural departments, which are often the first responders to Montana wildfires burning in urban areas.

Congressman Rehberg Dead Wrong About Medicare/Social Security Impacts of "Cut, Cap, Balance"

Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is making the false claim that the so-called Cut, Cap and Balance plan "protects spending for Social Security, Medicare and veterans."

But non-partisan analysts agree there is no feasible way this irresponsible plan can protect Medicare and Social Security and veterans' benefits for future generations. 

Why? The Republican proposal caps federal spending at a level not seen since before Medicare even existed. It is inconceivable to cut to that level without cutting Medicare and Social Security, and refusing to address tax reform.

Understanding Congressman Rehberg’s Speech at the Montana GOP Convention


Montana’s Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg was at it again at the Montana Republican Convention on Satuday – falling back on the same tired old talking points and offering no solutions.

Congressman Rehberg even had the gall to say the country had become too litigious, without mentioning his own frivolous, self-serving lawsuit against Billings firefighters. 

But Congressman Rehberg took his hypocrisy to the next level when he said,

“The bottom line is if you want your mother to take care of you, that's maternalism. If you want your father to take care of you, that's paternalism. If you want the government to take care of you, that's socialism. But if you want to take care of yourself, that's Americanism.”

Dennis on DEFENSE after voting against Montana firefighters, emergency responders

Helena, MT -- Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg just sent this press release after being called out for his vote today against Montana's firefighters and emergency responders--as Montana communities deal with historic floods.

Rehberg on Subsidies: More Big Oil Profits, More Federal Debt

Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is doubling down on his support for subsidies for his ‘longtime friends’ in Big Oil. But Montanans aren't buying it.

As Congress searches for responsible ways to tackle record deficits, it might be useful to take a look at whether Big Oil can afford to pay their fair share toward solving our debt challenges:

Understanding Congressman Rehberg's claims that he's 'land rich', 'cash poor' and 'struggling like everyone else'

Understanding Congressman Rehberg's claims that he's 'land rich', 'cash poor' and 'struggling like everyone else'


Last week millionaire Congressman Rehberg told the Missoula City Club that he’s ‘land rich, ‘cash poor’, and ‘struggling like everyone else’. Congressman Rehberg is estimated to be worth between $6.5 million and $56 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, so his claims are confusing at best.

To help make sense of millionaire Congressman Rehberg’s assertions that he’s ‘land rich’, ‘cash poor’, and ‘struggling like everyone else’, here’s a glossary of terms to help decode his comments to constituents last week:

Millionaire Congressman Rehberg compares Pell Grants to welfare... again

Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg compared Pell Grants to welfare yet again today, but students and hardworking families across Montana still aren't buying his out-of-touch explanation.

Last month, after voting to gut Pell Grants altogether, Rehberg called Pell Grants the "welfare of the 21st Century." After angering Montanans across the state, he's now trying to tell us that he's "working so hard" to keep Pell Grants.

"Career politicians like Dennis Rehberg are good at telling people what they want to hear, but Montanans know better than that," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  "Dennis Rehberg has a long history of claiming he supports things he votes against.  But what we really want to hear from Dennis Rehberg is how he's working so hard to keep Pell Grants.  Montanans deserve more than talking points; we deserve answers."

MT Democratic Party Files Complaint Against Sen. Ed Walker for Accepting Illegal Exxon Campaign Cash

Billings Senator forgot to mention illegal contributions from Exxon in recent defense of their actions 

Helena, MT -- The Montana Democratic Party today filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Political Practices regarding Sen. Ed Walker’s (R-Billings) acceptance of illegal campaign contributions from Exxon Mobil.

“It is completely irresponsible for Sen. Walker to defend Exxon’s handling of the spill when he’s taken their campaign cash,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “Sen. Walker should be working together to hold Big Oil accountable and protect the Yellowstone, but there are some clear reasons why he’s not willing.” 

According to the complaint, “Section 13-35-227 MCA prohibits corporations from making a contribution or an expenditure that supports or opposes a candidate. The same section also prohibits a person, candidate or political committee from accepting such corporate contribution.”

UPDATE: A Look Back at Congressman Rehberg's Frivolous Lawsuit Against Firefighters a Year Later

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of Montana's millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg's frivolous lawsuit against Billings firefighters. Here's a look back at the sequence of events in Congressman Rehberg's irresponsible push to hit up Billings taxpayers for a bailout:

July 2, 2010 - Congressman Rehberg files suit against firefighters who he says failed to protect his multi-million dollar property [AP, 7/4/10, Link to lawsuit]

July 13, 2010 - Congressman Rehberg skips three House votes in order to tell firefighters the lie: "this has nothing to do with you." [Billings Gazette, 7/13/10]

FACT SHEET: Setting the Record Straight on Rehberg and Medicare

Helena, MT --  Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg today is circulating an opinion piece that leaves out a few key facts about the Affordable Care and his record on Medicare.

Here are a few facts that were missing from Congressman Rehberg’s submission:

Congressman Rehberg has no Health Care Plan – Congressman Rehberg asks “So what do we do?”  He answers his question by saying we should “remember our greatness.” 

Congressman Rehberg doesn’t say which health care policies will create broad access to quality affordable health care. 

Congressman Rehberg Tried to Gut Medicare Well Before the Ryan Budget – According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Congressman Rehberg’s irresponsible plan to defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would have ended Medicare as we know it for thousands of Montana seniors.


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