Does Rosendale Believe Covering Montanans’ Pre-Existing Conditions is Unconstitutional?

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Helena – We already know that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale supports health insurance plans that are not required to cover pre-existing conditions, and many do not even cover prescription drugs, maternity care, mental health, or substance abuse prevention and treatment. Insurance Commissioner Rosendale – who rubber-stamped rate hikes of up to 23 percent – also keeps pushing fake solutions like Medi-Share, … Read More

Primary Wrap: Rosendale’s Special Interest Dark Money, False Rancher Claims Follow Him to the General Election

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Helena – After pulling off an unimpressive win in the GOP primary, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale—who is “not viewed as a robust challenger” and is not what the Montana GOP considers its “best shot”—will have to contend with attacks lobbed at him by his fellow Republicans for misleading Montanans that “have been leaving some marks.” Despite the more … Read More

Montana Democrats Statement on MT-AL Primary Results


Helena—Today, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan released the following statement regarding Montana’s Democratic House Primary results: “Montana Democratic voters have spoken, and we are proud to endorse Kathleen Williams as the Democratic nominee for Montana’s At-Large Congressional Seat. Kathleen is a proven problem solver with a long history of uniting people of all political stripes, and she has … Read More

GOP Disunity in #MTSen

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Helena – After the wrap of a nasty and bitter primary last night, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale – who 65 percent of GOP primary voters voted against – is left dealing with some major wounds inflicted by his GOP counterparts. They can talk about coming together and unity all they want, but Rosendale has been attacked by his GOP … Read More

Montana Democrats Statement on GOP #MTSen Primary Results

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Helena – Tonight, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan released the following statement following the results of Montana’s GOP Senate primary: “Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale emerged from a bitter GOP primary with major flaws exposed. He’s made it clear that he’s only looking out for himself, and can’t be trusted to defend Montana. Even with out-of-state special … Read More

Increasingly Bitter #MTSen Primary Mercifully Comes to a Close

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Helena – The day has arrived. What started as a sleepy primary between third tier candidates and heated up into a nasty primary between third tier candidates is finally coming to a close, but not before intraparty slights turned into full blown attacks on each other, with conservative out-of-state super PACs and the candidates spending $5.7 million on the primary … Read More

Montana Democratic Party Opens Second Wave of Field Offices Across Montana

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Seven Total Offices Now Open Across the State Helena – Last week, the Montana Democratic Party held its second wave of field office openings in Missoula, Kalispell, Butte, and Bozeman. Momentum has been surging for Democratic candidates all across the Montana, and the Montana Democratic Party is ready to build on that grassroots energy to help re-elect Senator Jon Tester and … Read More

Countdown to #MTSen Primary: Rosendale is Damaged Goods Heading Into Primary Day

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Helena – One day away from the primary and the GOP candidates have suffered some significant blows along the way that are sure to stick with whoever makes it through tomorrow. Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale – a candidate even Republicans have admitted is not anyone’s first choice – has been hit hard and repeatedly from all sides and is entering … Read More

Countdown to #MTSen: 2 Days and Rosendale Keeps Taking Hits…Again, and Again and Again

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Helena – A mere two days from the primary and wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale can’t seem to catch a break. Rosendale keeps taking hits for misleading Montanans and prioritizing out-of-state special interest groups over what’s best for Montana. Ethically challenged Russell Fagg has been slamming Rosendale for the out-of-state special interest groups propping up Rosendale’s campaign. Fagg said … Read More

Countdown to #MTSen Primary: 3 Days Left, and Rosendale Doesn’t Share Our Montana Values

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Helena – There are just three days left until the GOP primary and—between an ethically challenged former judge, a California millionaire, and a wealthy East Coast developer—the GOP field isn’t exactly what anyone would call “top-tier.” But even worse than these candidates’ biographies are their records: No candidate shares our Montana values, and Matt Rosendale’s record may be the worst of … Read More