As Club for Growth Releases its Scorecard, Rosendale Cozier Than Ever with DC Special Interest Groups

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Helena – DC special interest group Club for Growth released its annual scorecard yesterday, ranking members of Congress and incentivizing them to fall in line with the group’s agenda no matter the harm to their constituents. Club for Growth isn’t just focused on controlling members of Congress; it’s got its sights set on candidates who will bend to their will, … Read More

Rosendale Puts His Campaign Before Montana, Brags About Being in DC as Officials Hold Health Care Price Transparency Meeting in Helena

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Just How Long Was Rosendale in DC Last Week? Helena – In what has become a very familiar pattern, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale put his own self-interests over Montanans’ health care. At a panel convened last Friday, state workers studying “pricing transparency in health care” discussed ways to help Montanans by increasing the price transparency of their medical costs. … Read More

Is Fagg “Courageous Enough” to Reverse His Steadfast Support of Mitch McConnell?

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Helena – Dr. Al Olszewski recently penned an op-ed calling for the “repeal” of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and replacement with “a true leader.” Dr. O shredded McConnell for agreeing to the bipartisan budget deal, asking rhetorically if Mitch was “too busy begging for special-interest money for the next election,” and even writing that it’s time “to cull the ‘old … Read More

#MTSEN GOP Candidate Drops Out, Bashes Frontrunners

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Ron Murray Endorses Dr. O on His Way Out, Bashes Rosendale Helena – Former GOP Senate candidate Ron Murray announced the end of his campaign last week in an online video. Murray endorsed Dr. Al Olszewski and used the opportunity to heavily criticize wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale. Murray said Montana should have a candidate who “doesn’t come with any … Read More

Downing Headed to Jury Trial as Residency Issues Continue to Haunt Him

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Helena – Californian Troy Downing’s trial date was set last week for May 23-25, two weeks before the primary election. Downing will appear before a jury trial for seven misdemeanor charges alleging he illegally bought resident hunting licenses when he was not a Montana resident, most recently in 2016. Downing claimed tax breaks on his primary home in California as recently … Read More

Dates Set for Annual Blue Working Group Meeting


Helena—Today, House Democratic Leader Jenny Eck announced that the Democratic caucuses of the state legislature will hold their annual Blue Working Group meeting on May 5 and 6 in Anaconda. The two day event will provide Democratic legislators an opportunity to gather and discuss priorities for the year ahead. “Democrats stand united in our commitment to fight for working Montana … Read More

Poll: No Love for Rosendale in Montana

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Rejected by Montanans, Rosendale Seeks Solace in the Open Arms of Club for Growth, Which Created a Montana-Specific PAC Last Week Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale isn’t likely to get many Valentines today, at least not in Montana. Despite trying to spin a sad internal poll paid for by his campaign, Maryland Matt simply showed Montana voters aren’t … Read More

Do #MTSEN GOP Candidates Think Slashing Health Care and Adding $7 Trillion to Debt is Good?

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Helena – The new White House budget proposal would add at least $7 trillion to the deficit over 10 years while severely cutting Medicare and Medicaid. These cuts to crucial services would come even as the wealthiest and corporations benefit from the recent tax scam to the detriment of Montana’s working families. Just this month, wealthy real estate developer Matt … Read More

Troy Downing Has a Date with Lady Justice Tomorrow

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Helena – In an exclusive Valentine’s Day date tomorrow, Californian Troy Downing will meet up with Lady Justice at the Gallatin County Justice Court. A judge and the attorneys may be the only others present at this intimate venue, and things are bound to get awkward. While Downing may claim the two were brought together by the Fish, Wildlife and … Read More