Matt Rosendale Voted Against Easing Fishing Access For Critically Injured First Responders

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Helena – Three years ago today, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale voted against an overwhelmingly bipartisan measure to allow law enforcement officers, firefighters, and volunteer firefighters who have been critically injured in the line of duty to fish with a conservation license. This commonsense legislation passed 48-2 and authorized permanently injured first responders to fish with a conservation license during … Read More

Do #MTSEN GOP Candidates and Gianforte Stand With Sheriff Clarke, Who Turned a Blind Eye to Torture, Resulting in Death of Inmate?

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Helena – Tomorrow evening, inflammatory former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke will keynote a fundraiser that all four GOP Senate candidates and multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte are expected to attend. Clarke, who ran for sheriff as a Democrat, is infamous for doing nothing to stop torture at the jail he oversaw, allowing his employees to deny a mentally ill inmate water for … Read More

Matt Rosendale Voted Against Helping Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking

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Helena – Five years ago today, the Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized to help combat violence against women and support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault – in Montana and nationwide – by providing health services, bringing criminals to justice, and helping families recover. In 2015, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale had the chance as a state lawmaker … Read More

Tax bill will save health care companies — but not patients — billions

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Helena – Health care companies will see tens of billions of dollars added to their bottom line this year because of the tax bill, but “patients should not expect the health industry’s windfall to lead to lower premiums, reduced prices or major industry changes.” In addition, while corporations have been using the majority of their money from the tax law – … Read More

ABC News: As “Bannon’s Star Fades,” So Does That of Candidates, Like Matt Rosendale, He Backed

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Helena – Back in October, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale wasn’t shy to brag about Steve Bannon’s endorsement, saying he was “thrilled” to have Bannon’s support. But recently, Rosendale seems to be ashamed of Bannon, hiding his endorsement from Montanans and refusing to say whether or not he will keep or reject it after a poll showed Bannon’s support … Read More

Montana Democrats’ Statement on Greg Gianforte Filing for Re-Election


Helena—Today, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan released the following statement regarding the news that Congressman Greg Gianforte has filed for re-election: “In his first eight months in office, Greg Gianforte has broken promise after promise to Montanans, securing his place as one of the most two-faced politicians in Paul Ryan’s broken Washington. He has voted to raise health … Read More

#Awkward: Billings Rep. Endorses Downing, Not Fagg

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Helena – Yesterday, state Rep. Frank Fleming of Billings endorsed Californian Troy Downing for Senate. Fleming recently replaced Adam Rosendale – son of wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale – who was forced to resign after moving from Billings to Great Falls and a district he did not represent. That must be a little awkward for ethically-challenged Russell Fagg. Fagg – … Read More

Rosendale Backs Health Care Changes That Raise Insurance Premiums by Nearly 20 Percent in Montana

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Helena – For months, East Coast developer and Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has pushed short-term health insurance policies. These policies do not have to meet current health care rules – like covering pre-existing conditions or providing coverage of essential health benefits such as prescription drugs and mental health care – and are bad for consumers. A new study released Monday found … Read More

100 Days: Countdown to #MTSEN Primary

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Helena – Yesterday marked 100 days until the Montana primary election. That means we can expect more of the same harmful positions from the GOP Senate candidates, and their baggage isn’t going away. Californian Troy Downing will appear before a jury trial two weeks before the primary. He faces seven misdemeanor charges for illegally buying resident hunting licenses as a … Read More